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IDE Drone Zone at Mobile World Congress Barcelona - 2017. What did industry say?

"Great talks, many follow-ups.  It is absolutely necessary to think "drones" from an end-to-end perspective in order to ensure public acceptance and make it a commercial success. The Drone Summit was an excellent occasion to bring together the relevant drivers of this new fascinating industry."
Ralph Schepp, VP Program- & Project Management Group Technology, Deutsche Telekom


“Nice venue, great speakers, good organization. I am convinced this will be the first of many others. Delighted of having participated, and open to contribute in next editions.”
Pablo Osers, Head of IoT/LPWA Strategy & Business Development, Télefonica

"Thanks to the three of you for hosting and facilitating the event. The IDE Drone Summit was a great opportunity to share what we are doing with drones and learn from others across the industry. I particularly enjoyed meeting new people and learning what they are doing with drones in other parts of the world."
Art Pregler, UAS Program Director, AT&T

“The summit was great and a good opportunity to meet other relevant players within the Drone ecosystem, where we can talk about the future of the industry and how to collaborate.”
 Marc Beltran, Business Development Manager at BCN Drone Center

“IDE Drone Summit Barcelona was a great event with good networking opportunities with relevant industry stakeholders. The professional conference organization made my participation very pleasant and I am looking forward to upcoming editions.”
Britta Classen, Head of UAV Delivery & Parcelcopter, DHL Paket GmbH

"This was a great event with many of the key stakeholders in the emerging commercial drone ecosystem discussing innovative solutions to technical and regulatory hurdles. The event drew a large and engaged audience."
Greg Guice, Manager and Director of Operations, Drone Alliance Europe

"The IDE Drone Summit during MWC17 was a valuable opportunity to get in contact with global ICT companies. The discussion on UTM and the possibilities with LTE and 5G will help to accelerate further developments in the field of real-time data transfer and cloud solutions."
Benjamin Federmann, Director Product Management, Marketing and Communications, AIBOTIX

"LET.NET.WORK... It's true for technology as well as people. Speaking of people, the team that put together this event should be commended, as this was the most well executed event that I've participated in. It's a class of its own because of quality people with heart and dedication to the technology."
Sven Juerss – CEO of MICRODRONES

“The event masterfully connected the mobile communications world with the drone industry. With the many new insights, lively panel discussion and large audience, I look forward to seeing this event well established at the Mobile World Congresses of coming years. Really well done and a big thank you to E.J. Krause’s team.”
Dr. Oliver Heinrich, Partner at BHO Legal and Board Member UAV DACH e.V

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